Burgers at Fatboy

I had some ideas to continue the local food exploration, but we were too late for food centres and all my research for finding some really good Laksa pointed at ‘travel far in distance (and a few hours back in time)’, so, we keep this for some other day, instead we tried a burger joint I had never heard about, FatBoys.

They have a wide range of ingredients (Beef, Pork, Chicken & Lamb patties!) and you can either select one of their many specials or build your own from scratch.

Julius went for a classic Royale with Cheese while I was more adventurous with the Bolly Wolly, lamb with curry sauce and mango chutney. Both yum, but they arrived suspiciously fast, which made me wonder how pre-made some of the things are.

Overall ok, but no real return incentive.

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