Singapore Trip Day 5

After much adventure and exploration, we took a break today and slept in a bit, followed by a late breakfast.

The midday heat prevented us from venturing out much, so we spent time exploring the Funan Digitalife Mall, which is a short 15min walk away from us. We had so much fun with the sheer endless offerings of reasonably priced tech toys. Not the kind of hawker atmosphere I had grown accustomed to in i.e. Bangkok.

For Julius it was a special treat to get to try out all those different game consoles (we still have none at home) and it reminded me of my own childhood, that whenever I visited my dad, I got to explore department stores and touch and probe things that I did not even know existed at that point (like my very first Casio keyboard)

We had late lunch and I noticed a few days ago that there is actually a Hooters in town! In my New York days that was my go to place for chicken wings and ever since then I have checked out other locations across the globe, like Switzerland (J’s first encounter at the tender age of 2) and Tokyo with mixed results.

What about Hooters here? The wings are still the same, which is nice, the atmosphere was mellow, but then again, what else would I expect at 2:30PM on a weekday, and the waitress’ charm had the day off it seems. Service was ok, but nothing memorable.

We explored the Quay Central Mall right across the street just for a bit and then returned to the hotel to make good use of the pool.

In the evening we strolled over to Plaza Singapura, the closest mall to our hotel, and just before closing time I finally spotted my first super market all the way down in the second basement level towards the back. Need to explore further at some point, so far we frequent 7 Eleven or Cheers for every day items.

Nice all that pretty architecture and art around …

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