Singapore Trip Day 7

For today I had planned some physical activity: bike riding at East Coast Park!

And since it took about 45mins by bus to get there, Julius decided to pre-charge his batteries by taking a nap.

Once arrived, we first walked along the water a bit, heading towards the East Coast Lagoon food center, to get lunch done before burning off all those calories, when we came by this jetty and this local gentlemen and his 3 dogs, and of course Julius was all over them and had a blast playing with those very playful canines.

Then it was lunch time, not too much going on and less than 30% of the stalls open, but somehow I got lucky … the 2 stalls I got food from shortly after me, started to get very popular and lines began to form!

We had duck rice, with egg and soup (5.60Sg$) and Fried Oyster Prawn noodles for 6Sg$, both very nice, though one of the oysters tasted a bit off, now as I type this (12h later) I am very happy to report that my tummy is ok!

Then we had another 20 minute walk until we reached the bike rental place. For 16Sg$ we got 2 bikes for 2 hours, and in this time we did 22km along the waterfront. Very nice bike path and very little traffic. We got very close to the airport and had planes coming in over us very low. We had a small break at the farthest point at a very deserted stretch of beach.

Julius really wanted to go ‘home’ after this. At least the sun was kind of gentle today and it did not feel too hot as long as we were moving along. I would have liked to go a bit faster and cover more distance, but Julius insisted to take it ‘nice and slow’ …


In the evening we went to explore Sim Lim Tower (which is a great source for electronics, as in actual engineering parts, but they were in the process of closing when we arrived) and Sim Lim Plaza, a big electronic gadget mall, which reminded me more of Pantip Plaza in BKK. And there we got lots to see and explore, Julius of course wanted to check out each and every screen. At some point I tried to drag him along. Fun place and good source for little bits and pieces.

And last but not least, we walked over to little India again, wanting to check out a certain Indian restaurant I had read good things about, but when we finally arrived, we found the menu just to expensive … which is actually a laugh, 15.90Sg$ is not expensive per se, but we have been spoiled by the prices of the hawker centers, so we perused the offerings at Tekka Market again, but could not really decide. Much more interesting was the outdoor green market then.

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