Singapore Trip Day 8

Last full day, still so many things we could do … i.e. we did not get to Sentosa Island at all, we had thought about going to Universal Studios, but recent Tripadvisor reviews indicated that the one big main attraction roller coaster is down for maintenance … and today, a Saturday, not a good idea at all.

Instead I checked around what is close by and found Arab Street. A small area full of middle eastern restaurants, carpet shops and again lots of fabrics and clothing. I actually found some shirts in my size, one of which, a hidden tag revealed, was meant to be sold at C&A Germany 😉

We wanted to visit the big mosque there, but it is closed for renovations, and Julius was very sad about that. But he was very happy again when I finally bought him one of those travel neck pillows at the ‘many items 2$ or less’ store (in fact, most items were above 2$)

After this we spent about an hour at Sim Lim Square again, there is always something to be found, new technology to be marveled at, quirky gadgets that no one ever need to be besmirched.

Julius feels very much at home there and has no problem to just grab a chair at places that have interesting entertainment on their screens and he looks like he might be working there. He can still totally play the ‘cute kid’ card, so far no one has dared chasing him off… (Note to self: locate copy of “Monster Hunt“.)

Next Stop: Food.

Albert Food Center was one of the first we saw, late in the evening when they were already wrapping up, this time it was in full swing, but not too crowded and we had some really nice food: Rojak, which is actually a salad, which the nice stall owner mixes freshly for each order, Julius picked chicken rice again and I washed my food down with a nice sugar cane juice.

For dinner I finally got to eat Singapore’s signature dish: Chili Crab.

Following a lot of research, I had made a booking at Momma Kong’s, a place with a bunch of very good reviews and a bit of a fan fellowship it appears. They even called me back to confirm the reservation and make it clear that we have our table only for 2 hours!

The food we got was ample and very tasty! They have a special set offer for 2: one veggie dish (something I never even heard of, Dau Miao (?), one small platter (Fried Calamari) and then 2 crab dishes: 1 crab behoon soup (no MSG, so they promise) and 1 red chili crab. The carb is mantou, which is a fluffy rice roll, comes in steamed and fried. So delectable!

While eating crab, getting the meat out (especially when my co-eater was quickly overwhelmed by the task and left it then all to papa), trying to take pictures on the side and on top of it EAT! That’s a lot of work! A fight against the food cooling down …

The whole adventure threw us back pretty exactly 100US$ … well, our lunch was a mere 6US$ … and it was our last dinner, and the only ‘fancy’ one … Well worth it!

34 Mosque Street
Singapore 059512
T 6225.CRAB(2722)
Mon – Fri: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Sat / Sun: 11:00am to 11:00pm

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