Singapore Trip Day 9 – Going Home

Today was our return trip and there is not much to report, everything worked as planned and very smoothly. Leaving the hotel at 10AM, dragging our single suitcase a short distance to the bus stop, waiting, hop on (initially no seats), get to the airport on time, short line at web-check-in counter, passport control …

Interestingly, at Changi, the security check points are directly at the gates, decentralized. Lots of shopping opportunities and I even found a small butterfly garden.

Boarding started on time and we were quickly seated & sorted and left 9 minutes after schedule time. Julius sleeping during take off, but this time he woke up when food was served.

We landed in Hanoi on time, driver was waiting, 20 minute drive home … so nice to be back home, but it was a really great trip!

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    And I read it all…..

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