Price Hike at Linguini Fini

We really liked our first outing to this new pizza / pasta place a while back, especially since those huge pizzas seemed very reasonably priced … but as it was the soft opening and the restaurant was probably still gauging their actual cost / what they could really charge, all good things must come to an end … and so, when we returned tonight, I had to blink twice, and then consult my photos of the menu from last time … and I was right, they hiked up the prices quite some!

So my favorite ‘Tropic Thunder’ went up over 35%! The Brooklyn Special even 45% !!! (100K VND are roughly 5 USD)

Some other factors that made this visit less fun: We were seated on the side of the dining room that gets the sound from the open downstairs kitchen, this paired with some really terrible choice of background music, and conversation across the table was just not possible anymore.

We also feel that the pasta was better the last time around. I think Julius face says it: Next time we want pizza / pasta, we return to Da Paolo …

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