Very early morning start

This morning was a bit different. Julius started to kick me out of bed aroud 3:30 AM … once he got his bottle he had a hard time falling asleep again (so had I) and before 6 he started smacking books in my face, giving me a clear sign that the night was over.

Since we are still figuring out better commute solutions from our new place, Julius and I took an even earlier bus today. And he was quite ok with that (actually .. waking up at 6 AM .. and then having to wait until the 8:05 AM bus would make him very antsy … so we took the 7:20 AM bus) …

Funny thing was that he fell asleep on that bus ride, after I had huddled him up nice and cozy with his hood and his gloves .. and he kept sleeping when I delivered him to the kindergarten .. and there we just put him in a comfy corner .. and he kept sleeping …

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