Today’s Julius: Went to the doctor

Sorry, no pictures of that. But we went to see a nearby pediatrician in the afternoon to have his eyes checked out. The doctor lady confirmed that it is something going around right now and I just keep wondering how many of the kids in the doctor’s waiting area we might have infected. Well, keep that follow up business running.

Actually, Julius had a blast while waiting. 2 older girls were playing with him. One of them, age 8, got her basic English out to ask for his name and age and within minutes they had a tea party going on. Another boy (over 2 years, speaking French) was equally quick in making contact with J.

The doctor was very nice and her English was sufficient, but a great plus was that her receptionists English was even better.

So, now we have to torture Julius every few hours with eye drops, but hopefully by Tuesday I can send him back to school.

As you can see, his eyes are not even red, it is rather his eyelids which are puffed up a bit … and lots of white puss coming out … But it will get better soon

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