Today’s Julius: Fun at McDonalds

The weather was dry and cold and perfect for a shopping stroll … We realized once again how close we are to the center of Torino, but also found out that most of the shops along Via Po do not open before 3:30 PM on a Saturday. But anyways, we found great shoes for Ritsu and a fantastic snow suit for Julius.

At the end we decided to do McDs … first time for Ritsu in Italy. And I wanted to introduce her to the ‘massive’ Big Tasty burger I had discovered there recently … I will write about that burger more later, interesting material for comparison between the US and the EU version. But here in Europe it is about 50% bigger than the Big Mac (in weight) has close to 900 calories (Big Mac only has 470) and it actually has some char grilled flavor, which by now I believe is in the sauce.

The restaurant was incredibly packed and getting a seat finally was close to a heart attack causing nightmare. But finally we sat and shared that monster burger. Julius was not too impressed with the sandwich, he just had some milk before, but he liked some fries(*). But most of all he loved the box the burger came in.

(*)Before I am getting hate mail / comments about feeding fries to the little one: I compensated that by a nice big head of brocolli for dinner, which he liked way better anyway.

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