Taxi ride to Nadi

For the first time, instead of taking one of those small planes to Nadi, I decided to try a taxi cab ride … the maths behind it is fairly simple: It takes 20$ and 45 minutes to drive from our house to Nausori airport, check in, possible delay, possible problem with luggage being to heavy, the one way ticket is 120$ … The taxi is 120$, picks you up at whatever time you want, no luggage restriction and total driving time is about the same, plus you can stop whenever you feel like. This makes especially sense on the way back when we are 2 people and have tons of excess luggage (I called the Air Pacific Nadi office to clear that allowance already).

So Ritsu discovered this one driver “Bobby” just recently, nice car, air conditioned, safe driving and not trying to talk too much. He came right at noon as planned … but since I was not ready yet, I sent him to have lunch first. So around 12:45 we left.

After 1 hour I got already a call from the alarm company that an alarm in our house was triggered … great. I knew both cats are out .. so I made a couple of phone calls, and Candice, the daughter of our Landlady took care of it … seems it was a false alarm.

The drive was great, very comfortable and after 3.5 hours and lots of rain we reached the hotel in Nadi that Ritsu has been staying in for a week already. Nice place, but weather was not really like hopping into the pool … so we lounged around, had some beer at the bar .. and around 6:30 PM we left for a place called “Piranhas” that Jon told us about … they have great stuff, leaning towards steak and seafood … they also have a huge outdoor TV screen … but it was still raining like crap. The taxi ride cost us 5$ … for a distance that in Suva would have been 2.20$ … seems in Nadi they do not use their meters … they just make up their prices …

Anyways … back to the food … we shared a caesar salad, lime chili calamari rings (very tasty and not fried / breaded !!!) and baked ribs … they were very yummy .. albeit not much meat on them and the sauce per se is too sweet …. but a bottle of tabasco was at hand and spiced things up very nicely … they also have Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold on draft … all in all we paid like 45$, which is ok … There are rumors that they will open a branch in Suva .. and I am very much looking forward to that … they have a seafood platter for 2 on the menu for 60$ which looked great .. and people also seemed to order the green lip mussels a lot. A nice added thing was when we arrived by taxi, a door person came with an umbrella and made sure we would get in dry.

The way back from the restaurant was a bit more adventurous: We tried to hail a cab, but instead some minivan stopped .. and we just got in … I jokingly asked if this is like a bus or taxi … turns out it was one of this rather ilegal money makers, picking up people along the road … well .. they brought us right to the hotel for 1$ … one of the passengers was very inquisitive as to where we staying and whats our name and room number …. having read about this before a lot, I had no problems coming up with all kinds of stories just to make this guy shut up … after he left the driver told us that this guy was a local loony :)

To end the day, we hopped in the nice hot bubbly jakuzzi … but when we wanted to take a shower afterwards, it turned out that the whole Nadi area was without running water until midnight …

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