US Navy ship in town

Today was a super rainy day, perfect weather to drive Ritsu to Nausori Airport. (She had to go to Nadi to attend some business thing). The drive is about 45 minutes and in both directions I met several traffic assholes that really got me angry: reckless driving while they have the whole family in the car. The way back was even trickier as it got dark, and a cab behind me had nothing better to do than bliniding me with his high beams.

Needless to say, I was a bit stressed out when I came home and I really felt like having a beer. Too bad there was none in the fridge, and store cannot sell it on sundays … but I know one place that does anyway … so .. I went there … turns out they got busted 2 weeks ago and no longer sell beer on sundays. So, i ended up at the bar of the Holiday Inn (freshly renovated) … I got to chat with a young guy who turned out to be one of the many sailors from the USS Higgins on shore leave. It was quite fun to compare these 2 very different worlds (Fiji vs. living on a ship). He could not believe that I cannot just order stuff from or ebay :) He also puzzled the bartender a lot by ordering an Amaretto Sour. Honestly .. i was very surprised they actually had amaretto.

The above pic is taken with my SE T610 cell phone .. so .. in low light the pics do not come out that great.

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