Dinner with the Prime Minister

Took us a while until we could decide what we want for dinner and we finally settled on chinese at Great Wok. We usually can park right behind the restaurant, but this time some big Pajero kind of 4×4 was blocking the way and some fijian guys were hanging around the car … after some stress around the Flagstaff roundabout, we found a spot and while approaching the restaurant I jokingly said that this car must belong to some snotty diplomat (their license plate has a pink CD = corps diplomatique sticker) … but it was even better , it was a government car (their plates start with a G). And inside the restaurant we saw Prime Minister Qarase sitting in the lounge area talking to some people .. seems they waited for some more and then took to the seperate area to have dinner … yep, without us :)

But we had nice food again, although our first 3 choices for the main course resulted in “sorry, we are out of that” … e.g. they told us we should call ahead if we wanted the steamed fish :) But we were happy with our soups (as much as I am against shark fin as an ingredient … their shark fin soup is great .. and I actually think there is hardly any shark in it at all) and then had chicken with veggies and fresh wong bok …

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  1. There is a big article about the history CD license plates and I can’t see a pink CD sticker like you mention in the article?



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