Daikoku…. again…

We had dinner plans with Yumiko, a japanese colleague of Ritsu, visiting from Kuala Lumpur. For some reason we all craved japanese food and went to Daikoku (for me and Ritsu the second time this week).

It was quite crowded for a thursday night and got even worse after 8PM, since some movies were aparently over and movie watchers came in. Coincidently they sat Jochen and Angela, the owners of Maravu Resort, who we know from several visits to Toberua, next to us, and while the girls were chit-chatting in japanese, I spoke german on the other side. Nice ‘resorts gossip’.

We stayed away from teppanyaki food this time, I just had some Tuna and Salmon Nigiri. Ritsu had mixed tempura and Yumiko had omelette and natto sushi and mixed pickles (which Ritsu said were pretty good)

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