High bloodpressure – hospital

I have been feeling kinda crappy the last couple of days (thus so few blog entries), but last night / this morning it got worse and I was determined to go see my regular doctor, but he was gone, so we took a cab to the Private Hospital and asked for the next available doctor. They put me in a bed right away (in a super refridgerated room, no wonder I was shaking) and I told a very nice doctor Joseph that I have had this few times before, never that bad, that my usual doctor said it is anxiety / co-pregnancy symptons, but this time I wanted to make sure that everything else is ok. And so they checked my heart by doing an ECG (for which they had to shave parts of my chest hair, looks funny now), took my blood for testing, I stayed a bit longer in that cold bed there, but soon left to go back home.

In the afternoon I returned, and ‘tadaa’ I am super healthy. Neither Dengue nor Diabetes, no real reason why my bloodpressure is going up from time to time and makes me feel bad. But at least I found that I am technically fine, and Dr. Joseph prescribed me some new medication which is already helping.

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