Haircut ’16

With the holiday break ending tomorrow, Julius’ next PE unit will be ‘aquatics’ (we used to call this ‘swimming’ 😉 ). And there are rules regarding long hair, swim caps and the general hassle that drying longer hair brings, so he decided that he needed a hair cut.

His usual place was still closed, so we walked around the neighborhood and ended up at a small, local place where one lady spoke enough English to translate to the hair cut person.

You will see the end result in photos to come. Quite some hair came off. Funny moment was when I brought to the translator’s attention that J is a boy and she said ‘yes, of course’, but then she asked the hair lady in Vietnamese, and it turned out that she thought she was dealing with a girl. :)

Best of all, cost was 20% of what we usually pay at the fancy Japanese salon.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Waiting, patiently, for pictures…..

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