Red Dwarf: how come brits always come up with the silliest, funniest Sci-Fi comedies???

I’d like to share my experience about this TV show here, a show which is actually 15 years old, but I just got to get to see the beginning of it …

I recall having seen on or 2 eps on US TV .. but could not really get the feel for it .. I believe the key is to watch it from the BEGINNING !!! .. you have to know who the characters are .. or at least listen to the narration after the credits …

In terms of funny factor it reminds me a lot of “Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” … and why is it that britsh TV shows always look like they have been shot with a handycam (I mean, not the way that NYPD Blue-cool way … but the dusty old daddy way?)??? I really want to know what makes them look so different .. in terms of lenses and camera stuff … it just looks so fake ..

But anyways .. as for this show .. its not important … actually … one should forget that this is related to Sci-Fi at all .. sci-fi- here is just a good way of throwing a variety of impossible characters into silly situations … and see them talk themselves out of it! … (the special effects are laughable and I hear they actually added some CGI stuff in reruns later .. not necessary .. the talking is the funnier stuff)

and HOW come this is related to Fiji??? Well .. as i pointed out long time ago … this main character, David Lister, who is a low life on the mining ship “Red Dwarf”, has this plan, this dream of getting a goat, a sheep and 3 horses (and cute crewmember Kochanski) and go to Fiji to have a farm … well .. things are getting into the way of his plan … like being suspended in time for 3 million years, while the whole crew gets whiped out by a radiation leak, his only mates now are his much hated bunk-mate Arnold Rimmer, a stiff who came back as a hologram, Holly, the ships computer, who dry freezes the word “dry” in “dry british humour” and Cat, a life form which has evolved from a cat Lister brough on board illegaly :)
There is still much room to add other characters (flashbacks, hallucinations, parallel universes, a crashed and homeless robot) and its not getting boring. Also the frequent mentioning of Vindaloos makes one yearn for some spicy curry.

Personally I am very happy the DVDs have subtitles .. as some of the slang is VERY slang .. and the english is just british (liverpool) .. well .. and I have already been accused of having adoped some of the speech patterns.

Maybe one of those anonymous millionaires who read this blog want to send me Season 3 and 4

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