Another Phở Place

We are very happy that Julius seems to be warming up to the whole noodle soup idea (well, he already is a big fan of ramen, but Vietnamese dishes like pho and bún chả so far have not really excited him).
This way we can explore more of the offerings in our neighborhood and discover new places (and have family lunch for around 5$, for all 3 of us!)

This place specializes on chicken, is pretty much right next to the night phở place we went a few nights ago (which is a beef place) and they have proper seating, which makes it a great spot to bring visiting guests who are not accustomed to sitting on those tiny plastic seats. Flavor is spot on and service quite nice.

And for the first time I got to try those fried bread sticks, which one cuts up (with scissors) into the soup, to add more carbs and fat (thus flavor)

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