Assorted xmas pictures

We had a fun evening last night, exposed Julius to his first christmas church service (which was interesting, once the music started playing he was totally mesmerized, but towards the end his patience-meter dropped to empty), exchanged presents and had typical northern German xmas food (fish, tiny shrimp, breads, salmon, fish salads … great stuff).

Picture IMG_7468.jpgPicture IMG_7470.jpgPicture IMG_7481.jpgPicture IMG_7484.jpgPicture IMG_7489.jpgPicture IMG_7491.jpgPicture IMG_7492.jpgPicture IMG_7496.jpgPicture IMG_7497.jpgPicture IMG_7499.jpgPicture IMG_7504.jpgPicture IMG_7505.jpgPicture IMG_7506.jpgPicture IMG_7511.jpgPicture IMG_7513.jpgPicture IMG_7514.jpgPicture IMG_7517.jpgPicture IMG_7519.jpgPicture IMG_7521.jpgPicture IMG_7524.jpgPicture IMG_7527.jpg

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