Grocery Shopping

It is always fascinating to check out another country’s supermarket and for me it is very interesting to see what has changed since I last lived in Germany.

We went to Aldi, a well known discount place. They have mainly non-brand name copies of brand name products, they don’t bother putting stuff on shelves, they just stack box on box. But their selection has become incredible (compared to Fiji and even Italy now) … High end products include frozen salmon filets, frozen duck breasts and the best of all: frozen sushi! (Ritsu and I were laughing very hard about that one). But they also had a 32″ LCD TV somewhere in the aisle and just tons of stuff. What I did not find (and needed) were capers and anchovies.

Julius enjoyed being in the cart which filled up quickly and he inspected every item. Again he called brocolli ‘kukela‘.

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  1. Frances.T says:

    In London (I’m not sure about the UK) we have LIDL. Similar goods and merchandising to ALDI I think (and GERMAN). I usually visit this store to buy ‘brockwerst potato salad’. Amazingly cheap for food and household goods!

  2. Peter says:

    Frances, we have heard that we have a LIDL in Torino too, but have not found it yet. We checked it out here and yes, they are very much like Aldi. Now I am even more curious to find the one in Italy!

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