Visiting Cologne

In a rather spontaneous decision (and after making sure that the streets are no longer in snow chaos) we took a trip to Cologne [ケルん] (Köln) today. My dad’s family is from there and we wanted to visit his 2 brothers but of course, once in Cologne you just have to visit the Cathedral of Cologne.

I guess you can get lots of fascinating historical and architecual facts from the above link … so I will keep my sermon to just our personal experience:

I have been scaling the Cathedral many times when I was a kid .. it is fun .. but doing the same thing with a 25 lbs kind in your arm is a new experience. It was also friggin’ cold. The ascent is over 300 ft and over 509 steps. The very narrow spiral staircase is for up AND down traffic .. which can be quite challenging at times (Especially when you carry a 25 lbs child) . About halfway you can see the HUGE bells (and catch your breath) …

Once all the way on the top, you get a stunning view of Cologne and you are being chilled so that you want to get down pretty quickly. The whole adventure costs you 2 Euro per adult and takes 30 – 40 minutes.

Julius was fascinated (hey, 2nd church within a week) and loved running around the inner area downstairs. I later learnt that he was not supposed to waer the hat .. ah well … I saw many other tourists with hats. And speaking of other tourists … there were some even taking pictures of Julius! No idea why …

Picture IMG_7649.jpgPicture IMG_7650.jpgPicture IMG_7653.jpgPicture IMG_7655.jpgPicture IMG_7658.jpgPicture IMG_7661.jpgPicture IMG_7662.jpgPicture IMG_7664.jpgPicture IMG_7666.jpgPicture IMG_7667.jpgPicture IMG_7668.jpgPicture IMG_7669.jpgPicture IMG_7670.jpg

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  1. jaelithe says:

    Because he’s really cute– that’s why they took pictures. Happy New Year!

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