Julius kissed a real crocodile!

Yesterday I asked the little man if there was anything left he would like to do on our last day, and he recalled that he saw a ‘snake & crocodile show’ advertisement along the road when we arrived here. So I did some research and we ended up booking the show (including taxi ride) by this charming young lady in the post below.

And after another fun open back ride, we were in Chai Chet at a very non-descript / family run place where about 10 crocodiles were already laying in the sun by the water (well caged)

Before the show started Julius was offered already to hold a baby croc, for a mere 50THB (1.5$). I usually don’t like those kind of extra costs, but this was worth it and I kinda felt bad for the show performers, in low season to perform for only 4 people (actually, the other couple only stayed for the snake part for reasons unknown, maybe a cheaper ticket?)

The show started with some ‘annoying’, loud (and lyric wise not kid friendly) techno / rap music. And out came the snake wrangler. First some big snake, with 66 fangs (as we learnt later) … and Julius got to help by holding the tail:

The next snake was smaller, but not less vicious looking, and this one Julius got to hold all by himself! Expertly gripping the head the right way. He looks so happy!

Then came a cobra that had a bit of a slow day, we did not get to interact with it, so, no photos.

And then it was time for the crocodile wrangler. First he showed a bunch of shenanigans he can do with those creatures:

And then Julius entered the ring:

Mind you, this is a real life crocodile with 66 teeth (yep, same as the snake earlier has fangs, one tooth actually fell out at that time and J got to keep it)

For the grand finale (actually, the official part of the show was over, so they had no problem to ask for a bit more tip for this special bit of extra) Julius even dared to kiss that huge 150kg croc on the nose … twice actually:

This was easily the highlight of the trip for him!

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5 Responses to Julius kissed a real crocodile!

  1. Tammy says:

    Are you kidding? Weren’t you afraid the croc would bite Julius? I’m nervous just looking at the pictures. Do I need to tell Ritsu?

  2. Barbara H says:

    Yikes! Abunai!!!! I don’t think I’d get that close.
    At least Julius looks like he enjoyed it.

  3. MMN says:

    I counted his fingers today: all here! Ouf, j’ai eu peur pour lui!

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