First Fiji Dive

Sunday: I woke up quite early and could not continue sleeping, though i tried. At 6AM “finally” the alarm went off … we got ready for our first dive experience in Fiji ! yeah … At 7 we took a cab to go to Lami (a couple of miles from the center, a 5F$ ride) to divestore (their “town branch” it seems) and there we met the other divers and Amit, who was taking us in his yellow Mazda 121 to the dive boat .. once we were all ready, we had a nice picturesque tour on the highway which leads from Suva to Nadi. We had to go about 30 minutes to reach Pacific Harbor … a colony close to the water .. seemingly comprised out of resorts, houses for rich people, and people who cater to them. It seemed very quite, very “out of season” but from what I heard, it has been like that since the coup in 2000.

The dive center there was connected (like many residences) to a maze like water way leading to the sea. Our boat was nice and spacious and fortunately had a large indoor area … though it was sunny when we left (and i am feeling sunburn coming up to prove that) It would rain quite some later through the day.

Once we all had boarded, we headed out through those channels and got a good look at all those nice houses .. some very interesting stuff there .. big, unused, huge satellite dishes, little outdoor areas and pools completely rapped in mosquito nets (and yes, we got bitten really good today), nice boats docking nearby … quite nice …

It took us about an hour to get to Beqa Lagoon, where most of the nice divesites are. The first site we wanted to go: Shark reef. Was occupied by some other boats doing a sharkfeeding there … not the kind of place you want to get into after sharks have been fed. So we went on to a nice wreck (Tasu #2) and had our first dive, which was very nice, though the water was colder that I expected … and the visibility was not super great. But we some quite some interesting fish and did a lot of wreck exploration.

The surface interval was about 1.5 hours and everybody napped, after we had a nice (included) lunch buffet .. basically a “make your own sandwich” bar with tuna, eggs, cheese, salad (hey, where was the mayo ??? )

The second dive was a nice sight seeing tour with lots of colorful soft coral and a nice white tip reef shark. Back on board we made our way back, getting the gear in our bags, Ritsu slept most of the return trip. And it rained some more … the trip back was again a bit more than an hour … but we got to see the nice channels and houses again.

We had a pleasat car ride back thanks to Rebecca, fellow diver. We returned to our hotel, took showers and rinsed the gear, which is somewhat of a challange, since nothing here ever dries really. We were starving, only to find out that most restaurants are even closed for dinner on sunday .. but after some phonecalls i had confirmed that Noble House, a sister restaurant to Aberdeen Grill, was open and that we could have chinese food.

We took a cab (since it still rained) and got one of the very few “for 2” tables. First glance at the menu was “wow, expensive” .. then, a bit later, we learned from the waitress that all orders are for multiple people .. like .. the “small” order of soup for 5F$ is feeding 4 people! … the 14F$ small order of the chicken dish we had could feed 2 – 3 people … so .. the value is great … just when you come as 2 only, you cannot try many different things .. the food was pretty good by the way … but we still like great wok of china better. The setting was interesting .. pretty huge .. and occupied by many many chinese families.

We walked home and exhausted from the current and the cold (well, relatively) water we went to bed quite early.

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