More doggies … (and sunset)

One sure-fire way to lure Julius out of the house is the promise of more potential dog encounters, and today we really lucked out!

The weather is still nice and balmy (shorts & short sleeves) and there is this one meadow on the way to our temple where we find lots more of dog people, compared to the park close to us.

Of course we had also come for the awesome sunset I had expected.

Quite a few people come out for taking picture (we spot quite a bunch of wedding photographers and their happy couples) … and some come with really fancy equipment.

Personally I would not mind trying my hands on fly-cam photography (I am not a big fan of the word ‘drone’), but besides the price point of the equipment, there is the question of legal operation. I am pretty certain the young Vietnamese guys we saw with their Phantom 4 did not even wonder about that, but I had heard stories of foreigners getting into trouble with authorities for ‘spy work’ …

Alas, I had brought my old Canon 14X zoom cam, which did a much better job on the deep hues of red in this sunset shot, something my iPhone just can’t pick up.

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