Thanksgiving Dinner @ Don’s

Since we are not American, we are not super big on Thanksgiving. First year here we did not do anything, last year we went to Daluva for their special feast and the quirky summer repeat in May. This year we could not do Daluva because of scheduling conflicts, so we gave Don’s a try this time. I had been here before for the Burger Wars and then later took Ritsu out for Valentine’s 2015.

We even got the same table by the window again.

While the low light is very nice for the atmosphere, it is not that great to take pics of food. The gist of it is that everything looked very fancy, top ingredients (lobster bisque, yum!) and everything was overall very good. (But are nacho chips really a thanksgiving item? That felt a bit weird).

It was very nice that the restaurant was able to change the oyster course for Ritsu (allergy) to smoked salmon.

The only caveat I found was that the main dish had apparently been prepared somewhat well in advance (placement of veggies first, then wait for potato, stuffing and turkey) hence some of the veggies were barely lukewarm.

And they messed up the bill ever so slightly, counting Julius as an adult, while they had a special kids price.
Not sure if they also, by mistake (and I had clearly stated 2 adults / 1 child when I booked) served him the full adult portion (it sure looked like it), but that was their error then.

Julius ate fairly well, tried everything, but could not finish.

The other thing is that I don’t get the whole turkey craze, it’s not special tasty like duck or goose :) Maybe this is why we only eat it once a year.

Ok, if I had to be nit-picky .. I just went through the menu again and noticed a few things I wanted to jot down. Click the menu (or here) for an annotated version.

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