Today’s Julius: Aperitivo buffet

Initially we wanted to go to have pizza. But then we passed this one cafe / bistro kinda place and saw something that we have always been curious about: The aperitivo buffet. I am still not 100% sure how this works … but basically when you buy a drink at places like this, you can raid this buffet full of little Italian delectables. Technically it is an ‘all-you-can-eat’, but it appears no one is doing that. One would think that this system would be abused … hmmm … I was looking around when I went for a plate refill if someone will stop me. (Maybe one of the Italian readers can explain ‘the rules’ a bit better?)

But this place and the people were very nice. The waitress even spoke English and they cut up some fresh strawberries for Julius. I was very happy to find that they offered Caipirinha (which also was pretty good) and Ritsu had this green NON-ALCOHOLIC very fruity cocktail (which of course Julius just had to try)

The food items were several cheeses, 2 different fried balls (one filled with rice, one with ‘i don’t know’), some small fried sardines and some pickled anchovies (very good), 2 different salamis, marinated olives, little sandwich bites, focacchia and even a pasta dish. We could have stayed all evening, order more drinks and finish this buffet. But something funny was happening with Julius:

As it was time for him to get cranky because of being tired anyway, he also showed signs of redness around his eyes. Then we wondered if maybe there has been alcohol in that non-alcoholic drink (manager promised again that it was alcohol free). Julius got crankier and crimson and my next theory was that either the spicy salami or that cheese with red pepper pieces in it had finally hit his taste buds. He has eaten spicy food before with no complaints (or immediate spit out) … but maybe this cheese had some time delayed spiceness.

Anyways … we went home and very soon the little man was sleeping.

Update: Next Morning: all is ok, no more red skin, Julius all over very peachy!

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