Tonight’s Dinner: Turkey Gulash

Readers have complained .. and rightfully so … that there has not been much on food on this blog in a while (probably the same people who complained about too many food and drink related entries in teh past) …

There are reasons .. one being time constraints .. others, that shopping here can be tricky … you get fantastic fresh produce .. and everything Italian is just .. well, to die for (cheese, ham … heck.. the cheapest raw ham here is better than anything you find under the name parma ham in New York e.g.) pasta is .. hey, this is pasta central .. no discussion about this …

BUT (did anyone else see this coming) … if you want non-Italian food .. then you find your limits quickly .. some examples: sour cream? BBQ sauce? A1? All spice? Duck breast filet? Very hard to find or just unheard of (I want to extend this list with the help of other international friends and hopefully also find sources … like recently I actually found Ikura! (Salmon Roe) in a close by specialty store .. WAY overpriced .. but what can you do.

So .. for tonight Ritsu pointed out a recipe on our wall calendar (German recipes) and I noticed that I can actually get everything for it:

  • pound of turkey meat, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic (sliced and diced)
  • Some leek, cleaned and sliced
  • broth or / and some dry white wine (the latter generously poured into the chef)
  • salt / pepper / sweet paprika spice
  • some cream and some instant polenta
  • Our result looked similar, but the leek rings get all mushy and the turkey did not have that nice brown effect (which is possibly enhanced on that image on the calendar). But the idea to use some polenta for thickening is very cool and I can image some other dishes I will try this on. Oh, and tastewise it was very nice.

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