Himmelbauer: Farm in the sky (video)

A few days ago we went up into the nearby mountains to a farm/restaurant/hotel called Himmelbauer (lit.trans.:”sky farmer”. Initially we had planned to drive one hour to Heiligenblut, which is the starting point for the Großglockner alpine highway. But after we found out that this is still closed due to snow, we followed our host’s recommendation instead.

The drive up there is fun, but in bad weather or darkness potentially dangerous. Once there we met some people who actually had just spent 2 hours hiking up there. The Mölltall below is at 600m above sea, and Himmelbauer is at 1200m. From there you can have a breathtaking view over the whole valley. There are 2 main buildings: the hotel and the restaurant (and then some more farm buildings) and there is a great playground, which Julius just loved. The slide there is very curvey and on his last trip, one of the curves turned Julius around and he hit his face, which resulted in the black eye you can see in the succeeding pictures. Check out the video:

We have not tried the restaurant, but the menu looked lovely, typical Austrian fare. And at the right time you can have your Wiener Schnitzel with a great view.

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