Horse Carriage ride through the Hohe Tauern national park

Our vacation package came with this neat horse carriage ride (well, we could have selected horseback riding lessons … but Julius is too young, Ritsu has a bad back and I would probably cause a horse to have a bad back).

We tried the day before, but due to some miscommunication it all happened one day later. Once again we drove the 8km to Mallnitz and our ‘driver’ showed up right on time. We had an added bonus as we were picking up another family who had booked the 30 min. ride. So, we got that plus our 1h ride. The first half hour was around the village .. and our hour took us into the Hohe Tauern national park.

Julius was very excited about the horses, but it was also his vacation nap time … and the warm blankets, the fresh air, the regular commotion … and he was out after 5 minutes and stayed out for the whole ride. He missed the fun things like farting and pooping horses right in front of us, the occasional speeding up of the ride, the beautiful scenery. This ride was a great add-on to the whole trip.

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