TJ: this is what happens when you play at a lake

Some more cute pics of Julius enjoying the mountains and especially the artificial lake that Moserhof had created right next to the river. Just why are kids so attracted to puddles and lakes? Well, he kept on going until one big sidestep left him very wet and VERY cold :)

Picture IMG_1463.jpgPicture IMG_1464.jpgPicture IMG_1465.jpgPicture IMG_1466.jpgPicture IMG_1467.jpgPicture IMG_1468.jpgPicture IMG_1469.jpgPicture IMG_1470.jpgPicture IMG_1471.jpgPicture IMG_1473.jpgPicture IMG_1474.jpgPicture IMG_1475.jpgPicture IMG_1476.jpgPicture IMG_1477.jpgPicture IMG_1478.jpgPicture IMG_1480.jpgPicture IMG_1481.jpgPicture IMG_1482.jpg

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