Today’s Julius: Birthday Party

No, not his birthday. He was invited to a party of 2 of his schoolmates. Around 12 – 15 kids came, all with their moms (the only dad I saw was the father of the kid who lived where the party was thrown). The parents organized lots of outdoor toys for all kids to play with, of course mainly they wanted the car that they saw another kid using. In one case Julius was pushed out of a car by a girl from his class and he was very upset about that. They had even hired an entertainer lady who did balloon animals, magic tricks and a puppet show. The puppet show only interested the older kids. But overall fun was had by all, there was some dancing, some fun interactions and taking pictures was kinda tricky. The sky was bright and white and the kids just kept running around.

Julius loved the icecream cake and the big platter full of potato chips. I had to keep an eye on his consumption.

It was very interesting to see all these children interact (more or less) and to see the different stages of development (oh boy, when Julius gets older … uh oh). The moms were all very nice to me and tried their best English. The kept retelling the story how I brought Julius to school everyday for months by bus and walking. And they also gasped when they heard that Julius is dealing with 4 languages. But I noticed that there were quite some bilingual kids, too.

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