Today’s Julius: Having coffee at Basilica Superga

As promised, some more pics of yesterday’s trip to the Superga.

One story that is more recent, tragic and always connected with Torino and the Superga is the plane crash that wiped out a whole soccer team (of national heroes). NBC had a nice special on that and gladly it is up on youTube.

Julius was very interested in mommy’s coffeecup .. so I poured some water in it .. and he loved it :)

Picture IMG_1713.jpgPicture IMG_1714.jpgPicture IMG_1715.jpgPicture IMG_1716.jpgPicture IMG_1717.jpgPicture IMG_1719.jpgPicture IMG_1720.jpgPicture IMG_1721.jpgPicture IMG_1722.jpgPicture IMG_1725.jpgPicture IMG_1726.jpgPicture IMG_1727.jpgPicture IMG_1731.jpgPicture IMG_1733.jpgPicture IMG_1736.jpg

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