Today’s Julius: Water Games

Yesterday we went to the playground, which was packed with kids. And since it was warm and sunny, they had turned on some of the water themed play areas. Much to J’s delight, who soaked himself. Why is it that kids his age are fascinated with putting stones and stuff in water? He got into a fight with a bigger kid as he kept filling a certain puddle with stones, which the bigger boy tried to clean out. Result: big boy pushes Julius, Julius lands on his behind and starts crying … so much I have to teach him on how to get around in life. (Interestingly, the parents of the pushy kid did not do anything, like telling their son that pushing smaller kids is not the right thing to do … guess boys here in Italy are still being brought up to be machos)

(click to enlarge)

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  1. george says:

    i love this picture.

    some kids are just jerks.

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