Aquaria KLCC / Salad lunch / Ramen dinner

Today we finally beat the crowds and went early to the nearby aquarium. Current promotion Ritsu had discovered (like Aquaria on Facebook and show that on your phone) saved us 18%, yeah.

This aquarium is not overly huge, but very thoughtfully curated and decorated. We also got lucky with several feeding times, starting with the otters and later the ‘big fish’ (and turtles).

Made this pretty video montage, check it out.

Having seen so much fish, we had a strong craving for seafood for lunch 😉 But one place that was highly recommended turned out to have given up on doing lunches, so we kept looking around and ended up with Julius find and suggestion: a ‘make to order’ salad bar. After so many meaty dishes, a very welcome dose of green!

We then split again, I ventured some more through the malls and scored a wonderful shoe offer I could not resist. (seriously, finding a pair of discontinued, well reviewed, highly sought after Merrell minimalist trail running sneakers [that still goes for 120$ on Amazon, but of course there only in small] here in Asia in MY size, and at 50% off, how could I say ‘no’?)

For dinner we kinda wanted to finally do the roast duck, but somehow we were still surprisingly full from that salad, and then Julius mentioned he could eat ramen, and somehow we all agreed. Went back to Ippudo, it was a bit more crowded and food took much longer to show up this time. My level 3 spicy ramen was also not as spicy as the very same 3 evenings ago. Still tasty.

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