TJ: Cute ball pic

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Today is a holiday in Italy which means school is off and Julius and I are spending a fun day together … too bad the sun is not out, but we will check out the playground after his nap.

(Wow, reading about that holiday I just realize that as a German in Italy .. i should probably stay indoors today)

One year ago: The cutest video of Julius’ Baby Elephant Walk:
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  1. jaelithe says:

    Dude, I don’t think they are going to commemorate their liberation from the German army in WWII by stringing up the local Germans or anything. Who knows– they might think it was kind of you to show up to their party.

    I mean, we Americans don’t celebrate our liberation from British occupation by tarring and feathering the descendants of supporters of the British Crown or anything.



  2. Jennifer says:

    Hey Peter, thanks for stopping by Italian Trivia. If you are heading to Tuscany, I’d recommend the place we stayed, which was wonderful and very little-boy-friendly.

    It’s called “Antico Uliveto” and is about 10 km north of Siena, near the very charming Monteriggioni. Their website is

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