Street Food haven Jalan Alor

For our last dinner in KL, we walked (through dark alleys occasionally!) to Jalan Alor, also know as the Street Food Night Market.

One street packed with open air restaurants and other food vendors (Big variety of satay, colorful dim-sum, crunchy (?) chicken feet!). Very lively atmosphere, street musicians playing (and then asking for money), the smell of durian everywhere!

We settled for a very popular looking seafood place called Meng Kee Grill Fish. It looks like they have taken over several store fronts.

And this is all the wonderful food we got:

Julius somehow remembered eating stingray back when we visited Singapore and that’s what he ordered. Love it when he has set his mind on things. I had selected 2 different prawn dishes (chili & black pepper), which were both delicious, but kinda messy to eat. Ritsu selected for us a wonderful green veggies dish and we also had some very tasty hokkien noodles.

Service was surprisingly friendly, or maybe my expectations were very low for such a street food / potential tourist trap-y place.

The total bill was less than 30US$, including several sodas. The quality of the seafood was great! I can’t wait to return.

For dessert we strolled around, looking at the different offers and settled on: Dragon Breath for Julius. This is a more fancy show of pouring liquid nitrogen over tiny merengue cookies. Ritsu got some very nicely presented coconut ice cream, in a coconut shell with sprinkles. And I just had to have some durian and went for the fried variety. Very tasty!

Had I known about this street earlier, I think we would have visited at least every other night!

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