Julius’ artwork batch #2

Every couple of months we get the collected works of young master Julius back from kindergarten (See batch #1). And it is always fun to see what they are doing and what they are working with. In this recent batch a lot of different textures and materials.

Picture IMG_1659.jpgPicture IMG_1661.jpgPicture IMG_1662.jpgPicture IMG_1663.jpgPicture IMG_1664.jpgPicture IMG_1665.jpgPicture IMG_1666.jpgPicture IMG_1667.jpgPicture IMG_1668.jpgPicture IMG_1669.jpgPicture IMG_1670.jpgPicture IMG_1671.jpgPicture IMG_1672.jpgPicture IMG_1673.jpgPicture IMG_1674.jpgPicture IMG_1675.jpgPicture IMG_1676.jpgPicture IMG_1677.jpg

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