First Sunday of the new year

Boy, do we have many different New Years … we already celebrated in Japan, now Vietnam and in April we will have it in Sri Lanka!

First order of business was doing our Sunday morning family walk to the temple. Quite some activity there. People coming back from having visited their extended families and now it’s time for their home temple.

And finally we got to have our lovely neighborhood Bun again.

To get the most out of our free gym-trial passes, we then went to round one of working out there.

People were starting to try to do their sales talk, as this is the last day of our trial period, but I managed to evade their advances, claiming that we are very short on time.
And if I was really in a hurry, I ran my best new 5K and 10K times on treadmill: Under 23 and under 49 minutes respectively.

But that was not enough for us!

Like 2 weeks ago, we returned to the Bum & Tum class, and again we were the only students, and coach Fairy was riding us quite hard, but we were all smiles after 1 hour for our group selfie.

Having worked out so much, and also since it had been a while, we returned to our usual burger place for our favorite burgers.

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