TJ: the fun stuff at Lingotto

Although Julius is a bit sick, we thought some diversion would be good for him and we went to Lingotto, that mall I wrote about several times. (Not much open on sundays anyway) We kinda got stuck mainly at buying summer stuff for the ever growing kid. Towards the end Julius discovered those coin operated cars and things .. something we tried to hide from him so far … But this time he spotted them .. and we let him play … BUT .. so far he has not found out that you are supposed to put money in to make them wiggle or something … let’s hope it stays like that for a long time.

After the shopping trip we went for dinner to that asian restaurant we had been to many times when we still housed at that hotel in Via Ormea. The 2 chinese waitresses recognized Julius right away … we had great food (for little money) and Julius got to play with some little girls (one Chinese, 2 Italian) … and one of the Italian girls kept kissing him :) very cute … I fear she now has some of the germs that are bugging him.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    LOL! That is so funny that he played in the cars without making them go! I first saw the pictues and thought “How cute!” and then couldn’t help but laugh when I read he didn’t even need them to go.

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