Meanwhile … Finally it’s official

For 4 weeks (yes, it has already been that long), Ritsu’s official title was ‘Representative-designate’, simply because there was not time slot available for her to meet with the Foreign Minister and present her credentials.

This changed today!
In style!
Looking gorgeous wearing a sari!

And look who finally entered the age of Twitter!

Ritsu told me a while ago that Twitter seems to be more popular and more widely used in Sri Lanka, so the Foreign Minister tweeted their meeting (with 2 pics), she retweeted and now I retweeted (after dusting off my old twitter account @caipirina ) it as well.


Sure enough, 24h later, we also have a news story!

I had to do some cut & paste on this since otherwise more than half of all visible screen space would have been ads.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Congratulations Ritsu and yes, she looks absolutely gorgeous in her sari

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