Lên đồng

On today’s afternoon run to the temple I witnessed Lên đồng, “a ritual practiced in Vietnamese folk religion and the mother goddess religion Đạo Mẫu, in which followers become spirit mediums for various deities.”

Of course, I had no clue initially what was going on. First I thought it was a wedding. But it seemed weird that there were 2 young men and one older lady at the altar, and somehow there was a lot of smoking and passing ‘lucky’ cigarettes going.

At some point they even had helpers with stacks of money (5000d bills, ~ 20cents) go around and hand out to the crowd, yep, I got some lucky money, too!

It always amazes me that even after 3 years I can still find wonderful and unexpected things like that. And even though I was totally underdressed in my skimpy running gear, people somehow tried it include me at least a bit. (Though not like Japanese summer festivals, where I ended up dancing along)

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