Eggsperiment gone wrong

Yes, another egg-post.

But this is kinda funny, interesting and very Vietnam.

Since we are traveling again soon, I did not want to buy a 10-pack of eggs, I looked for the smallest package and found a box of 4. Of course I did not read the label carefully (only checked expiration date)

When I tried to make Julius’ sunny side egg, first I noticed that this egg was very hard to crack. But finally it popped and while the egg white seemed normal, the yolk remained a rubbery ball in the middle.

So, I checked the label and surprisingly I know the 3 words in the head line: Egg Duck Salt! I bought cured / salted duck eggs!

None the less, I had Julius try … but as he put it, the egg white was extremely salty. He did not even try the yolk.

Well, I found out later that this yolk makes a great topping in buttered toast!

Always learn something new.

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