Today’s Julius: Dancing Queen

The below picture series is actually from last night … I played some Halcali for him and he was dancing around like crazy!

Last night was pretty ok .. he did not fight too much to go to bed .. I read him books and he did the ear thing again .. meaning that he just has to touch my ears (both of them) in order to fall asleep … I heard from one other mom that the kid wants to grab her breasts for falling asleep .. so maybe there is a parallel … not sure .. need to see if I find any info on that …

He woke up around 5 .. wanting something that he was not even sure what it was .. he ran to the kitchen .. so .. ok .. i open the fridge for him .. and he settled for uva (grapes) … being freaked out that he might suffocate on them I stayed awake until I could remove the uva leftovers from his hands without waking him up .. and then he slept well until 8 AM … i had to actually wake him up then ..

anyways .. here the promised dance pictures:

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