Today’s Julius: Chicken Pox

Just a quick blurb on Julius’ latest illness … Yesterday morning I noticed 3 red spots across his chest .. not too alarming (he also had no temperature) but sure something to keep an eye on … then after his nap I checked again … and there were some more, 2 on his neck, one hidden in his hair and he had a slight fever of 37.9°C

I called our doctor and he came by to check on Julius. Usually that is probably not necessary (since there is not much one can do about chicken pox, other than keeping the kid from scratching and trying to not infect other kids) … but since Julius still has a slimed up respiratory system we decided that a closer look might be in order.

So, we are back to giving him all kinds of drops now and just keep a very close eye on him. He seems to be taking it quite well so far. But he woke up tossing and turning at 3:30 AM this morning.

Any good ideas out there other than confining his hands into socks to avoid scratching? I already trimmed his nails as short as possible.

(Click for better detail)

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4 Responses to Today’s Julius: Chicken Pox

  1. dr Dave says:

    Throw a pox party at your house and charge the neighbourhood kids?

    Seriously otherwise, I’ve always heard bathing in oatmeal works… granted, you may need quite a lot here 😉

  2. jaelithe says:

    Oh, I’m sorry he’s sick and I know this sounds weird, but I think he is lucky to be getting it at this age! He’s just old enough that his immune system will handle it well, and just young enough that he shouldn’t have a very severe case. I didn’t get the chicken pox until I was around eight or nine years old, and my case was pretty terrible, but my little brother got it when he was around the same age as Julius is now, and his case was very mild.

    Of course, here in the US they now mandate that kids get vaccinated against it, which means that Isaac probably won’t get it . . . but actually I kind of wish he could have caught it the old fashioned way, because no one knows for sure if the vaccine will last for a lifetime, and it would be terrible to get it as an adult.

    Calamine lotion or any sort of remedy you would use on poison ivy usually helps with the itching, as do the oatmeal baths, as Dr. Dave mentioned. Also just generally keeping him distracted will probably help keep him from scratching as much.

  3. Julie says:

    Is it just me or does Julius seem to get sick whenever Ritsu is gone? Poor little guy. But jaelithe is right, this is probably a very good age to get them. I hope he doesn’t suffer much and rebounds quickly.

  4. Maddie says:

    Send me some lollipops so my kids can can get sick too.

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