Summer Solstice

We started the day very early, this time Ritsu came out with me to watch the earliest sunrise of the year.

After a nice 5K walk I promptly returned to bed for a bit and we had very nice breakfast (rolls, cold cuts & my favorite: smoked salmon) at a more civilized time.

Julius was very quickly back at doing his share of farm work, like horse back riding and this time including ‘driving’ the tractor all by himself :)

Our bigger walk today was to the Römerkastell Lützelbach, the ‘leftover’ of an ancient Roman fortification. Along the way there were some mounds indication old watch tower positions, but other than a bronze model and a bit of newly erected fence to indicate that ‘limes’, not that much to see, other than beautiful nature.

And lots of wood!

For dinner we went to the nearby Sophienhof. I had been here with Julius 2 summers ago, but when we tried last year, they were fully booked. They had very nice outdoor seating set up and we all had Schnitzel!

We were also treated to our first glorious sunset that evening, smack in the middle over Burg Breuberg! Great sight to behold.

Since this was in the valley, and our farm is more on top of the hills, the sun was still setting when we got home. So we walked back to the fields where also some locals (with their dogs) congregated and we got to watch the whole spectacle again:

Dog! Where are you going?

Latest sunset of the year! Awesome!

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