Three walks a day …

… hang on, that sounds familiar …

I started with my usual sunrise walk at 5:02 AM, way before sunrise.

Trying to find some nice new loops, I actually ended up down in the sleepy village, when I headed back into the fields I encountered a curious fox in the middle of the path, but he vanished before I could snap a pic.

Around noon I dragged Julius out, this time armed with 2 pairs of earbuds connected to my music player and we listened to classics (Saturday Night Fever, Bee Gees, also 40 years old by now), while he kept on telling me about his game worlds. Since earbuds are fairly open in style, we could still hear each other well enough while enjoying music.

Then after lunch the whole family came out and we tried some other forest paths, looking for the ‘creek from the devil’s bridge’, which we found in the end, dried out.

But I got to snap this beautiful picture, using my iPhone’s depth effect.

We were so lazy today (besides all that walking) and had pre-bought food yesterday, there was no need to get back to the supermarkets, we had wonderful tortellini with sauce and broccoli for dinner.

And then we all hung out outside, the only place we get the farm’s wifi. Which is actually a pretty cool arrangement. “You have to go outside for wifi”.

Not so ideal for Ritsu who actually has to check in with the office and do some actual work. So much for work-life balance

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