Mare Nostrum: Probably the best seafood place in Turin

Last night we went out with a group of Ritsu’s colleagues and discovered this wonderful seafood restaurant which happens to be close by (which means we probably will come back. Soon!)

Mare Nostrum does seafood only, and we did not get to see a menu (there probably is none). Instead, what appeared to be one of the owners came to our table and described the daily selection (in pretty good English). He was especially praising the 96 kg (212 lbs) of fresh tuna they had just received. [allegedly a 2 m / 6’8″ long fish, I was tempted to invade the kitchen to take a pic]

Since we were nine people we could do a lot of mix and match so that we got to try a bit of everything. We started with some mixed appetizers: Small piece of tuna with some veggie ragout, bite size spada with cheese, a mix of 4 different fried goodies (one of it being sea asparagus, a long baked razor clam and tiny snails in a spicy tomato broth (getting them out was quite some work).

They had 4 types of pasta and just brought some mixed plates so that everyone could try a bit. There was some thick pasta with a spicy sauce which was my favorite. The others were good, down to earth pasta with some sort of seafood on them.

By then one is actually already full and we should have taken the lead from Ritsu’s boss, who was sharing the main course with his better half.

Ritsu and I both had ordered the grilled tuna with sweet onion chutney and it was just fantastic. It might not look that impressive on this picture … but the slice was over 1″ thick.

Only seasoned with mediterranean herbs and then grilled … to die for … pieces way to big (we asked for a doggy bag). Other options were snapper baked in foil, a seafood gratin and #4 which I forgot.

We had 2 different white wines from Sicily and with desert (which was either zabaione with some rock hard almond-caramel pieces in it, chocolate tart, cherry flan or a panna cotta with fruits) they just dropped some bottles of desert wine on the table … not caring how many times we would fill our glasses.

And since the whole desert / coffee thing took its ‘sweet’ time [pun intended] we all had quite some of that 16% liquid grape sugar thing.

I had read before (here and here) that this restaurant is quite pricy. And without a menu you have pretty much no idea what you will end up with. But it turned out that we had to pay 50€ each which I found very fair, considering the quantity and quality of food that we had. (I do think we might have gotten a group discount. They rounded the 491€ total down to 450€, which made it very easy for everyone to pay cash)

Looking very much forward to go there again and see what specials they have next time.

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