Fireworks over Turin

Today is a local holiday here, the ‘Festa di San Giovanni’ and when we tried to see if there is anything going on (food stalls or similar) we found our bridge over the river Po closed to everyone and the option of either going a kilometer up or down the river was not too appealing. Later the traffic around Gran Madre got crazy since there was a firework planned. I had asked when it would start and have been told at 11 PM, but they started like 10 past 10. Since it was very close to our place, I grabbed the camera and looked at the pretties in the sky.

If you listen closely, you can hear that a number of car alarms were triggered by the rockets.

[update 2/2/07] video deleted by youtube .. since someone is sitting on the copyright of the music … and obviously has very limited eyesight when it comes to ‘fair use’ .. I will put up the video again sometime on my own server .. sorry

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