Today’s Julius: Shower time

The little man managed to create a big mess by pouring bubble solution all over himself and mama, so both had to rinse off. Recently Julius objects to bath / shower, so the first 2 minutes (or the whole bath) can be quite a noisy ordeal.

In this case it was ok after a few minutes and he started to enjoy the never ending water drizzle.

You can also see his bruise on his cheek (yes, we are beating our child, please call social services NOW!) … He was playing carelessly around the dining chairs, climbing up and down and boom, as it happens with little boys…. It will get better.

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3 Responses to Today’s Julius: Shower time

  1. Julie says:

    Ha, Ha! This reminds me of when my youngest son was 2. He had a very limited vocabulary and was receiving speech services to help with that. Anyhow, one day while I was playing hide and seek with him and he was hiding under his crib I could see his feet sticking out so I grabbed them and started pulling him out in play. But he got scared and lifted his head just in time to get a huge scratch ( and later black and blue mark) next to his eye. For the next two weeks whenever anyone would ask him what happened, he would point to his eye and state only “mama did it.” I thought for sure social services would show up at my door any day!

  2. Peter says:

    Hey Julie, I am very interested to hear about this speech coaching your son received. We keep wondering if Julius is speaking enough or if he is just overwhelmed by the amount of languages he has to deal with (and eventually will figure out) … I wonder what you consider a limited vocabulary. Cheers P

  3. Julie says:

    My son was 18 months and had a vocabulary of about 6 -8 words. He had difficulties hearing the subtle differences between certain sounds. For instance “boy” and “toy” may have sounded the same to him. He received speech services through our state’s (Florida) birth to three program. By the time he was three he no longer qualified for services because he had “caught up.” Being an educator with a masters degree in Special Education my advice would be to 1). see if can follow simple commands – this will show an understanding of languauge that is crucial in language acquisition and 2). don’t worry too much – studies show children that are raised in households that have more than one language do learn to speak later.

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