The probably weirdest way to follow the world cup

No secret, I am totally not interested in soccer, or football, or spending time watching any other sports event on TV (besides nude midget wrestling maybe) … but this world cup has a different flavor … Italy and Germany are both strong contenders .. and we have ties to both of them … but we do not really have TV reception … we get RAI 1 … in snowy black and white and the sound seems to be coming from a different radio station … also .. the recent game Germany – Argentinia was not broadcast on non-pay-tv … so .. how did we keep up? Ritsu had on her iBook, while I had some German friends giving me the stats online (faster than BBC, thanks again Andy) …

Now the game Italy – Ukraine is on .. and this one is SO easy to follow … just listen to the sound outside .. when Italy got the 2nd goal, all around the house was ‘whhhooaaaaa’ (or however you do that in Italian) … I bet Germany was the same 1 hour ago .. now I fear that if / when Italy wins .. we will get that big partying and honk honk again .. just like Monday.

Now the big question is .. come next Tuesday .. and Italy and Germany have to fight it out .. will it be safe for us to watch the game at some public piazza here ???

[update 0:07 AM] So .. they won .. 3 hours ago .. and now they are still honking outside !!!

[update 1:34 AM] Yep, they are still at it … and I think they got louder over the past hour

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