Street Burger / Food Truck experience

We took a nice walk again to the ‘beach’, first time all three of us, and this time with a mission: Finding burgers!

The usual panorama shot at the train tracks against sun-setty clouds. I guess we will get more shots like this in the future.

And then some brief play time at the ‘beach’

Not sure when our burger infatuation started, but I recall that even back in Addis we had 2 burger joints we frequented: Sishu and Bunni’s.
We had started looking around for the ‘classic’ burger experience here, but so far there is somehow always a bit of ‘Sri Lanka’ flavor to it, as Julius says (i.e. the burger at Shaze, which so far I liked best).

On our last walk Ritsu and I noticed a food truck saying ‘Street Burger’, but we were skeptical (and on our way home), but later I consulted the internet and found that this truck is actually a source for pretty nice burgers. So we had to return and try.

Of course, when we returned to the location, there was no truck!

We walked around a bit more, thinking about alternatives, when I spotted the truck rolling by and claiming its parking spot.

Now we just had to wait for them to get settled in and all set up.

There is no other seating but ‘curb side’ … or standing. Or people arrive in their own tuktuks and eat in there.

We got to order first and after a while we already we received our fries.

And finally our burgers arrived!

Two regular cheese burgers for R&J and I had a spiced up jalapeƱo pepper version.

And overall this was pretty decent and for sure a fun experience. But I am not so sure about their ‘house sauce’, which reminds me more of an un-spiced Mexican tomato salsa.

But I want to come back for the ‘ambience’ and the chicken versions of their burgers, especially the pineapple one.

See full menu.

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